FROM RICHARD OWEN IN ROME. The Times, 25Th Nov 1996.

ONE of the Roman Catholic world’s most powerful figures has branded rock music an “instrument of the Devil” and urged young people not to listen to it for fear of endangering their souls.

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, head of the modern successor to the Inquisition, said there were “diabolical and satanic messages” in much of today’s heavy metal music.

But he also warned the young against the “subliminal” satanic influence to be found in songs by such groups as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Queen, Led Zeppelin and the Eagles.

Cardinal Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregration for the Doctrine of the Faith, is considered the highest moral authority in the Vatican after the Pope, at whose side he has been for almost all of the latter’s 18-year reign. His stern admonishment and even excommunication of dissident theologians has earned him a fearsome reputation.

Speaking yesterday at a Mass marking the feast of St Cecilia, the patron saint of music, Cardinal Ratzinger agreed that there were many good things in modern pop music, but added that there was also a great deal that “endangers the human soul”. He urged heavy metal bands in particular to “purify themselves”.

Vatican officials identified some of the “worst offenders” as Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath and AC/DC, whose initials they claimed referred not to alternating current or even bisexuality, but to the satanic phrase “Anti-Christ, Death to Christ“.

Att katolska präster är ett gäng perversa typer är väl allmänt känt men, detta, detta är ren hädelse.

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  1. Tapout Says:

    Good thing that the catholic priests never did anything that would offend the word of christ, like raping little kids, sexually abusing little kids for an example. I feel safe now that we have such nice catholic priests in the world.